Try To Make It By These Top Four Attractions In And Around Fort Washington MD

In a previous article, I discussed some of the major attractions that you can visit when you’re in the Fort Washington MD area. There are so many niche attractions throughout the area though, especially historical places of interest. That being said, let’s look more closely at some of the other things to do when you and yours are making your way through Fort Washington and the surrounding area.

Huntley Meadows Park is one of those places, and you’re going to find it in Alexandria. This Fairfax County attraction is on Lockheed Boulevard, and it makes for a wonderful nature walk. You should see a lot of wildlife there, too, and it’s especially a great area to go birding. People also say that there are beaver lodges there, too.

River Farm is another one of the top attractions, and it is all about the AHS or American Horticultural Society. If you have kids, the children’s garden is a lot of fun for them. The farm is a total of 25 acres. You’re going to be looking out over the Potomac River, so you can imagine there are going to be some great views.

The Carlyle House is in Alexandria. When you visit this historical attraction, you’re going to be standing inside a Georgian mansion that was built in the middle of the 18th century. This place of interest is located on North Fairfax Street. This is one of those historical places that will really help you dive into the story of the area.

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail is is Oxon Hill, and it is also along the Potomac. People say that this area has quite a lot to offer and can actually be a little challenging if you are going to go on a long hike or bike ride. Keep that in mind as you plan out your travels. Woodrow Wilson Bridge Trail is a really beautiful and peaceful place to visit.

Did you notice how many attractions in the Fort Washington MD area are right along the Potomac? There are more for sure, and you will enjoy these four places of interest. Gadsby’s Tavern Mansion is another historical property you might want to visit. There is also the Jones Point Lighthouse and so much more. Make it a grand adventure as you look at all of the unique and interesting places that Fort Washington MD has to offer the people that visit.